Do you want to increase your placements by keeping pace with changes in recruitment practices?

Work with eBoss recruitment software and you will make more placements in an easier and more efficient way. In fact eBoss prizes itself with offering automation in administrative tasks, therefore saving precious time.

We know there is no standing still in this industry. New and innovative features are required regularly to ensure your edge over your competitors: eBoss does exactly that by introducing advancements in technology in a timely fashion thus eBoss supports your recruitment practice by offering the most up to date and appropriate systems. For example when you check the eBoss features page you will discover our CV parser, global postcode search, and our unique to the industry eBoss skill and tag feature that automatically skills, tags and matches your candidates to jobs and vice versa, plus much more.

In our experience most recruiters appreciate a guided tour, we are always delighted to show you around the system and if you want to get the ball rolling now just click watch now above.

The difference between a great reputation and…

The difference between a great reputation and one that is not is that people will recommend you. Go out of your way to get people to do so, ask interested parties in you to contact a previous client/candidate – every time. Most won’t bother. The fact that you have offered... Read More

What type of Recruitment?

Permanent Recruitment

eBoss is ideal for recruiters in the permanent placement industry. We have built specific tools to assist and streamline administrative tasks

Contract Recruitment

eBoss clients working in contract recruitment enjoy purpose built functionalities that make placements elegant and easy

We Love Our Customers

Our Applicant Tracking System is cutting edge because we work closely with our clients to deliver the tools required to
get the job done.


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